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Cluser of skeletons in Nightmare Mode.

Nightmare Mode is a new Event that was introduced in version 8 (1.8). The mode consists of frequently spawning monsters, destroyed ruins, and giants! All monsters are customized to deal more damage, have increased movement speed, and are aggroed from farther away. While this Event is still in its slow Beta version and has alot of bugs that need to be strained out it looks promising. There will be a maximum of 5 players inside the Nightmare Realm at one time. Once those 5 players are ready and initiate the Realms portal no other members may join at that time. The players must than survive 15-30 minutes (still undetermined) through the harsh battles. The trick? Once you enter the Nightmare Realm everything in your inventory disintigrates and is unusable until you re-enter the real realm. Your party must fight to hidden chests and abandoned villages to find more loot. If the party survived the elapsed time they are rewarded with a decent amount of Golden Ingots (Economy).


  • The overall goal of this event is to survive the elapsed time in the Nightmare Realm

General RulesEdit

  1. There may only be up to 5 players in the Nightmare Realm at once. Anymore and you will not be able to enter the portal.
  2. Bringing in any items from the real world will make them unavailable for use in the Nightmare realm. You do get your real world items back upon re-entering the real realm.