Blinkcraft's current Economy system.

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Creating a vault.

BlinkCraft's economy has changed drastically from its previous version. Previously economy on BlinkCraft was known as ICM (Iconomy Money), but this is no longer the case. Economy on BlinkCraft now uses Golden Ingots (dollars) and Golden Nuggets (cents).


Vaults are chests created by players to store their money in when not keeping it in their inventory. Vaults can be created by anyone and work on Chests and Dispensers.  These vaults will automatically store your golden ingots and act as a bank system. The vaults can be destroyed and your money can be stolen from these vaults so be careful where you place them! Alternatively you can rent out a vault from the bank to keep your money safe. NOTE: Vaults are only protectable through LWC and will not be protected automatically unless you have enough Golden Ingots to protect a chest.

Creating a vault

To create a vault you will need a chest and a sign.

Place the sign above the chest and type [vault] in the first line, and press ok. The vault will automatically be created with your name on it.